Monday, February 17, 2014

Do you have Fidgety Kids?

Yes!  We all do, right?  I just went to a Gifted Meeting (all 2nd grade teachers) last week where our wonderful presenter shared some "fidget stick" ideas that can be placed on student's desk (or inside them) to allow them to fidget when needed.  If you teach gifted children, or any other for that matter, you know that children fidget during the day.  These provide a good outlet for students when they just can't sit still any longer (not that they should be still all day).   Now, if you are like me, I like to have some control.  So, they can have them out during certain allowed times only. They each come from Oriental Trading, but you can get look-alikes from anywhere.
1. Metal Mind Teasers
Metal Mind Teasers

Mind Teaser Game Assortment

3. Individual Boggle Games
Letter Games

Puzzle Balls

5. Cube Mind Teasers
Glitter Cube Mind Teasers

7. Brain Maze Puzzles
Brain Maze Puzzles

Let me know if you use these and they work for you!!

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