Sunday, March 16, 2014

January Learning About Penguins

I know that it is not January, however, I have had this idea since then and just thought I would share...
So January in Georgia was unseasonably cold--and we were hit with not one, but 2 ice storms!  We did have to miss school a few days too.  WOW!

Since, we had the cold weather, I thought it would be fun to learn about an animal that we think of living in colder climates-the penguin.  After searching for neat activities, I ran across this website called Nothing But Penguins:

It was exactly what I was looking for!!  The site was great in allowing students to learn about the types of penguins-17 types to be exact. 

We spent the week learning about penguins, and finished the week by choosing our favorite  penguin and making a mini-book out of notecards about it.

Here are a few samples of what my students made.  

There were guidelines of information that I wanted included on each card.  I also developed a checklist to help easily grade the book, and allowed students to share their learned information with a partner while comparing and contrasting the learned information with their partner's penguin.  We graphed the penguin sizes, and made an actual life size model of a penguin!

All of the activities that we completed can be purchased on my store on TPT or by clicking on the link below...


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