Friday, February 24, 2012

Wow-How quickly the year has flown by!!

Even though it is February, my New Year's Resolution is to try and become more regular with the postings on my blog. I really got tied up this school year in making the math work stations for my classroom this year. I shared the books and websites, in an earlier post, that had some pretty terrific math station ideas! I have been steady making stations to include in each of our Math Units this year.

I am going to try and include some activities that I have made for my students over the course of the past year in case you could use them. I have made a few things for Writing-Creative Writing Prompts that I use during my Daily 5 time. During my Daily 5, which is not put together exactly like the Sisters would like (but I had to use what worked for me!!), I have a certain day designated to Creative Writing--this is separate from my actual Writer's Workshop time during the day. I am including a sample page from my Creative Writing Prompts that I use as weekly independent practice for my students.  I use the front side only for those reluctant writers, but also include more lines on the back for those CREATIVE MINDED students.  Included with the prompts, is a rubric to use to grade the them so that the kids still feel like they are responsible for doing it. I have found that if they do not think I am grading it, they will not do their best on it. With the rubric, I grade things like--capital letters at beginning of each sentence, complete sentences, etc. If you like this prompt, please check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store to buy the complete set of 28 Creative Writing Prompts to use during your Daily 5 time. Please know that I try to keep my prices on TPT affordable!

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