Saturday, October 22, 2011

My visit to the Ron Clark Academy!!

At my school, we have adopted the Rob Clark Essential 55 as our focus for the year (we did a book study last year on it)--However, since we are in elementary school we narrowed our focus to 10 of these 55 essentials and have them posted in each classroom.  We spend a week on each "rule" and keeping reviewing them until they are followed naturally by the students.  
A few teachers and I got to visit the Ron Clark Academy today.  If you have never been, or heard of him--he and his staff are terrific teachers!  It was truly an inspirational trip--I love going to workshops that inspire you to be the best teacher that you can be.  Not that I was not already trying to be the best I could be but I was reminded of a couple of things.  I was reminded to teach to the higher achievers and the struggling students will rise to meet your expectations.  Teaching 2nd graders has always been challenging because some have the "wiggles" and can't always sit through a mini-lesson.  Instead of having them sit for long periods of time--spice up your teaching with songs and dances that get them moving in between lessons. 
I can't wait to start implementing these great ideas on Monday-we will be UP and MOVING.  I will share any instructional songs that I find--  
Here are the two books that we have read by Ron Clark--My principal's name and story is even in the Molasses book--HOW AWESOME!!

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