Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grammar Word Sorts

This is what my sort looks like after making.
I have been looking relentlessly for good practice for Grammar skills for 2nd grade, but very tired of worksheets.  I decided to make some games and practice of my own to use for assessing student knowledge of synonyms and antonyms, making plural nouns, sorting nouns and verbs, sorting nouns and adjectives, making contractions, and identifying prefixes and suffixes.  I included the picture above of how I make the sorts.  I usually laminate the work mat after I glue it to scrap booking paper, and add velcro so that the words will stay.  You could also use construction paper too.  I use these sorts year after year.  The sorts can all be found on Teachers Pay Teachers, but I have one that can be downloaded for free.  I use these in small groups or word work extra practice for those that might need it.  You could also print the sort, and have students cut it out, sort, and paste on construction paper. 

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