Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good luck on our Assessment!!!

We spend the entire year preparing for the end of the year and the assessment that it may bring upon us in 2nd grade.  On most years we take the CRCT, but this year even though the assessment changed, our 2nd graders were expected to perform.  This year, I made the cutest "Good luck" rocks for the students to keep inside of their desks while they were taking their assessment.  I told them that if they started feeling nervous to reach down and look at the rock smiling at them--it was our little secret.  The rock helped us stay positive during our test, and also helped calm some nerves.  The best part was that I purchased a bag of these from the dollar store--Dollar Tree to be exact- for $1, and used a sharpie to paint smiley faces on them. The kids loved them, and asked if they could stay in their desk the rest of the year. 
For some reason the picture will not turn the correct way-sorry!!

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